2023(R5)年度 特定研究助成のご案内(応募要項)

公益財団法人 矢崎科学技術振興記念財団

公益財団法人 矢崎科学技術振興記念財団では、当財団が研究領域を特定した「特定研究助成」を下記のとおり実施致します。

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Yazaki Memorial Foundation for Science and Technology invites applications for the “Specific Research Grant” for specific research areas as follows.

Research topics for the grant


The “Specific research grant” is a research topics proposed by the Foundation to support highly feasible and original research with a view to making a concrete contribution to “society” or “academia”. The grant period is 2 years, and the amount of the grant is 10 million yen or less.


Applicants must select one of the “research topics” specified by the Foundation for each fiscal year.




(1-1) 省エネルギー、廃熱利用、エネルギー回収・貯蔵等のエネルギー有効利用技術
(1-2) 再生可能エネルギー等のクリーンエネルギー活用基盤技術
(1-3) 温暖化ガスの分離回収/固定化/資源化等の革新的技術
(1-4) 省エネ・再エネ・蓄エネ・創エネを実現する新素材創成及びシステム構築技術
(1-5) エネルギー消費を極限まで抑えることのできる資源循環技術




(2-1) 食品・水の安定供給・確保に資する技術
(2-2) 物流網等のレジリエンスに資する技術
(2-3) 人の生活に寄与する福祉に資する技術
(2-4) 情報セキュリティ対策に寄与する技術
(2-5) 凶悪犯罪・テロなどの重要犯罪を未然に防ぐ技術


Area a:Technologies for achieving “Carbon Neutrality”

〔Specific examples of research area a〕*1

(1-1) Technologies that enable effective use of energy such as energy conservation, waste heat utilization, energy recovery/energy storage
(1-2) Fundamental technologies that enable the use of clean energy such as renewable energy
(1-3) Innovative technologies such as separation/capture, immobilization, and recycling of greenhouse gases
(1-4) Technologies to create new materials and systems to realize energy conservation, renewable energy, energy storage, and energy creation
(1-5) Resource circulation technologies that reduce energy consumption to the limit


Area b:Technologies that contributes to “Safe and secure society”

〔Specific examples of research area b〕*2

(2-1) Technologies that contribute to stable supply/security of food/water
(2-2) Technologies that contribute to resilience of transportation infrastructure for logistics networks
(e.g., traffic control, optimize distribution, and avoid traffic accidents)
(2-3) Technologies that contribute to human life and welfare
(2-4) Technologies that contribute to information security
(2-5) Technologies that prevent serious crimes such as heinous crime and terrorism

Note *1*2:The above total of ten cases are examples of specific research subjects. They are not necessarily limited to the above. Research subjects other than those listed above may be adopted if they are approved by the selection committee as appropriate for the research theme of “each area”.





1) Applicants must be researchers working at research institutions※. As a general rule, applicants must have resided in Japan for at least the past three years by now and have been recommended by the head of the research institution to which they belong.
Colleges of technology (kōsen), colleges, universities, graduate schools, university affiliated research institutes, public testing/research laboratories, and other research institutions approved by the Foundation.
2) Researchers who have received a grant from the Foundation are not eligible to apply (for a grant) for three years from the year in which they received the grant. In addition, the same person cannot apply for two of the Foundation’s grants at the same time.
3) Unless otherwise approved by the Foundation, researchers who receive a grant must continue their research on the topic for which they applied during the grant period. The applicant‘s eligibility will be suspended for a certain period of time for those who have misused, fraudulently received, or committed misconduct, in addition, research proposals that have been found to have been misused, fraudulently received, or committed misconduct may be required to refund all or part of the grant.
Researchers selected for research grants are required to submit the attached pledge letter.

Grant Period


2 years or less from April 1, 2024.

Grant Amount


The Foundation will make a decision based on the screening of the research content. However, the amount is 5 million yen or less each year and 10 million yen or less for two years. In the second year, the amount will be determined based on a review of the annual progress report.

How to Apply



2023年6月1日から同年8月31日まで ※期間内必着とします。

1) Number of applications
The number of applications is limited to one per research institution (university department, graduate school, or other organizational unit).
2) Application Materials
After setting up your ID and password on the “Researcher Only Site Registration Form” on our website https://www.yazaki-found.jp/, please submit your application from “researcher only site”.
After registering your application details on the application form, a PDF document containing the “Letter of Recommendation” and “Application Confirmation Form” will be automatically sent to your registered email address.
After filling in the required fields and affixing seal (the seal must be the recommendation seal of the research institution), please convert the “Application Confirmation Form”, “Application Form”, “Letter of Recommendation” and “one Paper” into a PDF file for submission without setting the security function, and attach them to the researcher’s website by the deadline.
Please note that all submitted materials will not be returned.
After the registration is completed, the Foundation will send an email notification of the completion of the procedure.
※ Please fill in the official name of the research institution correctly, without abbreviations.
3) Application period
June 1, 2023 – August 31, 2023 ※The application must be received by the deadline.



After screening by the selection committee, recommender will be informally notified of their acceptance or rejection by the end of January, 2024.
※The finalists will be asked to make a presentation at the selection committee meeting (scheduled to be held on November 29, 2023) or by an alternative method (such as creating a presentation video).

Grant Presentation Ceremony


The date is scheduled for February 29, 2024. Recipients will be asked to attend the presentation ceremony.

Grant Report






 研究成果は学術論文として外部発表していただくことを期待しています。発表論文に「本研究(の一部)は矢崎財団(Yazaki Memorial Foundation for Science and Technology)の支援を受けた」旨の記載をお願いしています。

※Essential conditions for receiving the grant
The following reports are requested. (Designated form will be sent to a successful applicant.)
1) By November 15, 2024: First year progress report (focusing on schedule progress, including budget, and plans to revise the same).
2) By the end of April 2025: Research completion report (focusing on research results)
Research completion report may be used as explanatory material for the Foundation, such as posting on the website of Yazaki Memorial Foundation for Science and Technology(details of the researcher; report of research results), but will not be treated as academic literature. In case there are concerns about the publication of research completion reports, such as the inclusion of unpublished findings, please consult with the Foundation regarding the contents to be published.
The Foundation expects researchers to publish their research results in academic papers for external presentation. The Foundation requests that researchers state in their publications that ” (part of) this research was supported by Yazaki Memorial Foundation for Science and Technology”.

Other Information


Personal information acquired by the Foundation for the purpose of this grant will be handled only to the extent necessary for the screening process and other application procedures.
When a grant recipient is selected, the Foundation will make information about the recipient available to the public.